Immerse yourself in elegance and empowerment at our exclusive Boudoir Photography Retreat set against the breathtaking backdrop of Arcady Ridge Ranch. Overlooking sweeping mountain vistas, this idyllic retreat offers a unique blend of rustic charm and refined comfort. You will have the opportunity to indulge in a tailored experience that combines the artistry of boudoir photography with the tranquility of nature. Professional photographer Pixie Herbert, of Wild Lens, will capture intimate moments in carefully curated settings, showcasing the inherent beauty and confidence of each individual. The secluded ranch provides a private and serene atmosphere, allowing guests to embrace their sensuality in a supportive and empowering environment. With so many additional services available, such as gourmet meals, spa treatments, hair and makeup styling, and private yoga classes, this retreat promises not only stunning imagery but also a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love in the heart of Wyoming's untamed beauty.

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Location: Arcady Ridge, Dubois WY

The Lodge at Arcady Ridge Ranch provides a safe, private, and beautiful backdrop for your boudoir experience. We coordinate dates and arrange lodging, gourmet charcuterie baskets, and additional add ons such as massage or private yoga sessions.

the details: Private Boudoir Retreat

1+ night retreats for individuals and groups seeking a private back drop in which to capture beautiful photographs. Indoor & outdoor space for sensual & private boudoir experience, Arcady Ridge is a mountaintop delight, and offers a multitude of different spaces in which to curate your ideal boudoir photos.

PRICING: make it a group party

The Photography:

$350 per person, $500 per couple

The Lodge:

$699 +300 Cleaning Fee + 12.5% WY Lodging Tax

* A single night stay is available for boudoir photo shoot participants only. However, if participating guests wish to add additional night(s), the cleaning fee will be waived.

Location: The Lodge

Choose Your Own Boudoir Adventure


What do I wear?

boudoir is a vibe

Whatever makes you comfortable

What do i wear?

Boudoir is anything that makes you feel good in your body, and can involve as much or as little clothing as you feel best in

where do you feel most empowered?

Looking for something a little less traditional?


Do you dream of horseback boudoir? Arcady Ridge has a herd of beautiful horses for all riding levels. Want to wield a giant sword in a flowing gown on a stunning steed? We can do that.

Milk Bath

Sensual, and soft, sink into your sweetest self in a milk bath, surrounded by petals and flowers.

The Lodge takes it to another level with a giant, heart shaped bathtub, big enough for two.


From May to October, be the mermaid you have always wanted to be with underwater boudoir, at the undeveloped warm springs located only a short distance from Arcady Ridge Ranch, or one of the many alpine lakes located near by.


Be your wildest self with outdoor boudoir. With a plethora of gorgeous natural backdrops at the ranch, or the many close creeks, rivers, & lakes within easy driving distance, outdoor boudoir has never been better.

These are just a few boudoir ideas, but so many other styles exist.

Together we will create your ideal boudoir experience!